Project 'Pil Adom'

We're working on a super-secret project, code-named Pil Adom. All we can reveal is that it has something to do with red elephants, children and charity.
Makes sense, right? Of course it doesn't! In the meantime, we invite you to read a short poem written in praise of pikadon, the Hebrew word for return-for-deposit bottles and cans.


Annoyed was I on my daily rounds
By XL cans upon the ground.
But then one day, the light did dawn.
My kibbutznik grandson discovered Pikadon!
No longer curse I those careless pitchers
Who now, with each toss, make an 8-year-old richer.
My heart is full, the hillsides greener!
So what if I look like a roadside cleaner?
Broadly I beam while on my bike I stash
Erstwhile litter that will soon be cash
And ponder Lenin’s loss of yet another son
To Capitalism’s fair accomplice, canny Pikadon.

Susanna Brandon, 2015

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