PRE-SHAVE OIL<br> חוזר בשאלה

חוזר בשאלה

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PROTECT his manly but sensitive skin from nicks and after-shave bumps with our blend of jojoba, argan and other lubricating oils. Infused with healing calendula and marshmallow root for improved glide. Choose from two scents:

  • Eden. The exquisite spa-like scent of clary sage, lavender and lemongrass.  
  • Spice Road. A classic bay rum blend that includes West Indies bay, cypress, lavender, black pepper, clove and lime essential oils. 

DIRECTIONS: Rub a small amount on your face, lather up with our soap or a shaving cream or nothing at all, and proceed as usual. For even better results, shave after a hot shower.

INGREDIENTS: Pure oils of jojoba, argan, castor and sunflower, calendula extract, marshmallow root extract, vitamin E, aromatherapy-grade essential oils. 50 ml / 1.7 oz

ZOEhack: A win-win for the ladies: Not only does our pre-shave oil make his face kissable and smooth, but it removes makeup easily, leaving your skin clean and satiny-soft. Use it when he isn't looking!

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