LOT'S WIFE<br>dead sea salt scrub
LOT'S WIFE<br>dead sea salt scrub

dead sea salt scrub

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SHOWER once with our luscious body polish, and, unlike Lot's heedless wife, you'll never look back. Cares will fall away; your skin will feel silky, supple and soft, thanks to a perfect balance of light oils and hydrating butters.

AVAILABLE in two gorgeous scents: dreamy JAFFA (orange and Madagascar vanilla and spa-exquisite EDEN (clary sage, lemongrass and lavender). 

INGREDIENTS: Salts from the Dead Sea and the Red Sea; sweet almond oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and essential oils. 400g / 14 oz

DIRECTIONS: Preservative-free, so mix, scoop out and apply to wet skin with dry fingers or with one of these adorable birch-wood spoons. Massage gently and rinse well. Use caution, as oils can make surfaces slippery. 

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