ZO'E / זוהי

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream; not only plan, but also believe." — Anatole France

WE AT ZO'E create, by hand, small-batch, all-natural and proudly Israeli spa + apothecary products.
WHY ZO'E? In Hebrew, zo'ee (זוהי)  means “that's her.” Zoe is also the Greek name for Eve (חווה), the mother of us all, reflecting our belief that all mothers, regardless of religion or background, deserve respect and the opportunity to make the best life for their children. 
OUR GOAL is to eventually provide kibbutz-like housing and employment for single mothers in crisis. Our motto: “We don’t hire people to make soap; we make soap to hire people.”
WE ENVISION a calming, secure place, an oasis where a woman in transition can regain her strength and self-confidence and rebuild her life to make a better future for herself and for her children – our next generation of Israelis.   
WHO ARE WE? We are Susanna Brandon and Layla Levy, mother and daughter, immigrants to Israel and impassioned believers in the original intent of Zionism: to provide, from a position of strength, a haven for the downtrodden.