FIRST AID SALVE | with healing herbs

FIRST AID SALVE | with healing herbs

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EASES itchiness, soothes burns and speeds the healing of bruises and minor scrapes. Use instead of lotion to soften rough hands, elbows and feet.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut, extra-virgin olive and sunflower oils, infused with calendula, chickweed, plantain, St. John's wort and marshmallow root; shea butter; and fragrant beeswax from local bees. Costly myrrh oil and tea tree lend a fresh, hygienic scent and give this soothing salve an extra anti-inflammatory and antibacterial boost. 

DIRECTIONS: Before applying, clean and disinfect affected area well; immerse burns in cool water until pain subsides. Do not apply to open wounds. 35g / 1.2 oz / 50ml

ZOEhack: Bring an easy-travel tin on your next vacation and apply to windburn, sunburn, weird bumps that weren't there yesterday, parched skin, itchy insect bites, hot coffee spills and other travel misadventures. 

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