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face serum

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Wake up radiant, thanks to LILA TOV, our nourishing nighttime face serum.

DIRECTIONS: Roll the bottle in your hands to fully incorporate the oils, then gently smooth a few drops on your face, neck and cleavage and sleep tight.

INGREDIENTS: Precious essential oils lend their anti-aging and cell-regenerative powers, while gentle olive squalane, jojoba and argan oil hydrate and soften. Choose either calming blue chamomile + helichrysum or a lovely rose damask with frankincense + myrrh  30 ml / 1 oz

ZOEhack: Is it the calming effect that blue chamomile is famous for, or that the name (Hebrew for "good night") is suggestive of sleep? Whatever it is, our customers are reporting back that our face serum is positively dreamy!


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